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  • 18.08.2019
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Daitaxe | 22.08.2019
Werewolves were a creation of the RCC. A scare tactic was developed to keep citizens in their homes at night and not cause trouble outside. Just another fabrication of the truth invented by organized religion.
Volrajas | 19.08.2019
Christmas is essentially a pagan holiday. It comes from the Winter Solstice. Christmas has also borrowed from the Roman festival of Saturnalia, dedicated to the Roman cultivation god Saturn, which is where the practice of gift-giving comes from. Saturnalia also had orgies, but the prudish Christians left this out. The date of December 25th for Christmas is also borrowed from ancient Rome, coming from the festival of the Syrian-Roman sun god Elagabal Deus Sol Invictus. And who could forget Santa Claus, who is partly based on the Norse supreme god Odin. Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged flying horse, is where we get the story of Santa's eight flying reindeer.
Malazilkree | 24.08.2019
Let's chop it up
Akinoramar | 27.08.2019
That moment when you almost left behind you are watching porno. I went to the moon i think. TCILAPML.

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