• 19.03.2018
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Tale | 27.03.2018
Lisa Smiles
Kigajas | 27.03.2018
This reminds me of the really cute and tall barista at my local Starbucks who I have a good rapport with. He is always really engaging with me, remembers my name, personally brings me my order even though he doesn’t have to. Well we were talking and he mentioned his boyfriend and I was like “doy”. I thought we had a flirty thing, lol. Turns out we are just two people who like each other as people. I keep telling myself maybe he is bisexual to soothe my ego lol.
Voodoozuru | 27.03.2018
Same here. I’ve grown a bigger heart and actually care about others getting assistance. And I also fall into a higher tax bracket and STILL feel like my tax dollars should help.

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